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About us

Ymddiriedolaeth Rhandiroedd Dyffryn Aeron (Y.Rh.D.A) or Aeron Vale Allotments Trust (AVAT) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation that's registered with the Charities Commission (No. 1166320).

ou're probably wondering "what's the different between us and any other allotments society/ association or similar organisation that's either run by a local authority or a private enterprise?" In a couple of words - an awful lot!

 First and foremost, we're a registered charity. We don't just run allotment sites for a group of growers on allotment plots for their own benefit only or for profit. We DO provide land for allotment plots, and we DO rent them out to our members. However we also provide fresh, healthy produce from our allotment sites for the benefit of the community at large, using traditional organic methods; either directly to those in need or by topping up existing Food Banks. Simply put we have a social conscience, and a desire to share the produce of our passion with others who are less fortunate.

 We are also keen to teach others how to cultivate the land, for the production of food, and we do that by imparting years of accumulated gardening knowledge and expertise to share with our fellow growers.

 As a member and plot holding tenant of AVAT there are certain obligations that you will be expected to honour.There is also a criteria for application for a plot when you request to go on our waiting list.

  1. Before you can be allocated a plot you have to be a paid up affiliate member of AVAT. To remain on the waiting list you will have to remain an affiliate member. The cost of affiliate membership is £5.00 per annum at present (full membership is £10.00 per annum, which is paid by all plot holding tenants once they are allocated a plot).

  2. All surplus crops grown on your allotment plot must NOT be sold or used for any commercial purpose.

  3. Surpluses of produce on your plot - that you do not intend to utilise for your own use and that of your immediate family - must be donated to AVAT's Allotment Site "Shop" where it will be distributed to needy pensioners and those with food welfare needs in the community. Some of the produce will go to top-up local food 'banks'. There is no stipulated amount of produce that you have to donate to the 'shop'. You can donate as much or as little as you want - if you do not have any surplus then you do not have to donate anything.

  4. You can grow all kinds of fruit and vegetables on your allotment plot for you and your family to use in any quantity you need. There are however guidelines with regard to the height and spread of fruit trees, there is more information about that in our hand book and governance (rules) document.

Your Application (for an allotment plot)

 You can either ask any of the officials of the Trust for an application form that you can fill in and return, or post back to the Treasurer/ Membership Secretary who cares for the membership. You can also apply on-line, or you can download an application form from our web-site, for printing and filling out at your leisure. It should then be handed in or posted back to the Membership Secretary.

 You will be required to pay your affiliate membership fee when you return the form. The fee at present is £5.00 per annum. You will be required to remain an affiliate member to stay on our waiting list.



Any individual of sixteen years of age or over who wishes to further the aims and objectives of AVAT may become a member of AVAT. Membership of AVAT will be open to all persons who are eligible and accepted by the board of charity trustees after completing a membership application in writing. The board of trustees shall retain the right to refuse membership for whatever reason that they may decide that an individual is not suitable to become a member of AVAT

There are five classes of AVAT membership, distinct from trustees. The classes of membership are as follows:-

1. Full (plot-Holding) members of AVAT

  1. Full membership is only available to individuals (other than trustees - who are primary members) who have accepted an offer to rent an allotment gardening plot from AVAT. After the tenancy agreement is signed by both parties i.e. the Landlord (AVAT) and the Tenant (the prospective garden plot holder) the plot-holder becomes a full member of AVAT.

  2. Full members have the right to vote at all AVAT member meetings that are open to all members this does not include meetings of the charity trustees or meetings of the board of trustees.

  3. Full members can stand for election to the Site Management Committee (S.M.C.) of their site at an A.G.M. or at an E.G.M. Full members may be co-opted to a S.M.C. by the board of charity trustees only.

  4. There will only be one full member allowed per household. A full membership fee will be payable by the plot-holder annually to AVAT. Plot-holders will also pay rent for their plot. Both plot rent and membership fee will form part of the annual subscription to AVAT. Part of the full membership fee will be used to pay AVAT’s annual subscription  and insurances etc. to any  association or governing body that AVAT may be an affiliate of. Subscriptions including plot rents and membership fees will be reviewed and set by the charity trustees on an annual basis.

2.  Affiliate Members of AVAT

  1. Affiliate membership is open to anyone that wants to have an active involvement or has an interest in AVAT’s activities. An annual fee is payable for affiliate membership at 50% of the cost of the full membership fee - whatever that may be set at when affiliate membership is applied for.

  2. Partners and helpers of plot holders will automatically qualify as affiliate members - if they wish to apply. Affiliate members will be required to pay an affiliate member’s fee but will have no voting rights at meetings of all members.

  3. Any partners or helpers of plot holders will not be allowed to attend meetings unless they have become affiliate members and have paid the affiliate membership fee in full up to the date of the meeting. No helper or partner of a plot-holder will be allowed on site unless accompanied by the plot-holder - unless they are an affiliate member. Affiliate members are allowed free access on their own to the allotment site.

  4. Each person who has submitted a plot tenancy application form and is added to AVAT’s “waiting list” for an allotment garden plot automatically becomes an affiliate member and has to pay an annual affiliate membership fee for as long as they remain on the list or until their aggregate annual affiliate membership becomes equal to the initial bond required for a plot (see 'Bond' below). If an affiliate member ceases to pay the affiliate member fee then it will be assumed that they no longer wish to rent a plot and their name will be removed from the waiting list; their name will also be removed from any distribution lists etc.

  5. Affiliate members are entitled to attend all meetings that are open to all AVAT’s members. Affiliate members can take part in discussions but can not vote at such meetings. Affiliate members will also receive all AVAT circulars, newsletters, announcements and any other information that is generally circulated to AVAT’s members. They will have access to the 'Members Area' of the Trust's web-site.

3.  Group Members of AVAT

Group membership will be by invitation only (e.g. schools etc.). A ‘group’ can consist of group members under the age of sixteen. Group members under sixteen years of age will be supervised by a group leader over sixteen years of age. Groups to be represented by one individual - nominated or appointed by the group they represent - at meetings of all AVAT members. Group member representatives can not vote at any AVAT meetings. Group members are not charged a membership fee.

4.  Support Members

National, international or local voluntary and non-profit making organisations, incorporated or unincorporated, deemed by the board of trustees to be interested in and conducive to the furtherance of the work of AVAT; such organisations to be represented at meetings of AVAT members by one individual - nominated or appointed - by the organisation concerned. Support members’ representatives can not vote at any AVAT meetings. Support members are not charged a membership fee.

5.  Independent (Honorary) Members

AVAT's Board of Trustees may invite any individual who has supported the aims of AVAT or given service to AVAT, to become an independent member. Independent members will have no voting rights, but at the discretion of the Board of Trustees may be granted voting rights and may become trustees. Independent members are not charged a membership fee.



Each plot-holder is expected to pay a bond before he or she takes up a plot tenancy with AVAT. This initial payment will be less the amount the new plot-holder has previously paid as affiliate membership fees to be retained on AVAT’s waiting list. If the person on the waiting list has paid his/her affiliation fees over a period that equals the amount of the bond, they will NOT be required to pay their affiliate membership from then on, but WILL remain on the waiting list and will  continue to have affiliate membership status. If a plot-holder vacates his/ her plot by handing in a notice to AVAT, and leaves the plot in a good ¾ cultivated and reasonably weed-free condition then the plot-holder will get the initial bond returned. If the plot-holder leaves the plot in a poor state then the bond will be retained by AVAT and utilised to remedy the plot condition in readiness for the next Tenant. Plot-holders who fail to successfully negotiate the six month probation period will not have their bond returned.

The 'bond' currently requested is £80.00. It is however periodically reviewed.


Probationary Period

The tenancy of an allotment plot will initially be allocated on a probationary trial basis for a period of six months. If in the opinion of the Site Management Committee (after consultation with the trustees, and in accordance with the usual conditions of let after that period), the plot use is deemed to be unsatisfactory or it has not been cultivated to an acceptable standard, the person concerned shall be required to vacate the allocated allotment plot forthwith. In that event, the person concerned will have no right of appeal and if the plot is not in a satisfactory condition their bond will be forfeited.

After serving a successful initial six month probation period he AVAS secretary (or chair when appropriate) will sign the tenancy agreement on behalf of the Landlord (AVAS). The main primary plot user will from then on be the tenancy signatory. Tenancy agreements can not be signed on behalf of the main plot user by a secondary or third party user.


Plot Size

Normally we have two sizes of plots available, a standard 'full' sized and 'half' sized plots. Occasionally we may make  quarter size plots available under special circumstances.

Standard full size plots are approximately 10 rods square (10 rods = 10 perch, or poles) or 302.52 yards. Usually they are rounded to 2702 yards/ 2502 metres – for ease of pegging out into plots measuring 25m x 10m. That is the generally recognised standard plot size in the UK as defined by official bodies such as the NSALG. As a guide a full size plot is about the size of a tennis court. If half size plots are made available they will be 5 rods square.


Plot Rent

The current rent for a standard size plot of 10 rods2 (250 M2 - which is the standard national average) is 96 pence per week, paid one year in advance from the 1st of May to the 30th of April of the following year, or a pro rata rate if a plot tenancy is taken up during a tenancy year. Full membership is currently £10.00 per annum the plot rent and membership fee is the subscription paid by each plot tenancy holder every year.

The rent for a half plot will be 75% of the cost of a full plot. On the rare occasion of a quarter plot being made available that will be 75% of the cost of a half plot. The membership remains the same and a “half plot” or “quarter plot” holder is recognised as a full (plot-holding) member.

The rent and membership may from time to time be reviewed and varied by AVAS' Board of Trustees in mid term, giving notice to the Tenants on or before the sixth month (November) in any year of the tenancy, such notice stating the annual rent to be payable for the plot/plots occupied by the Tenant for the following year. If no notice is served then the rent cost will be retained and any reports on rent variations will be reserved until the next A.G.M.


Official Documentation

You can view our sample Tenancy Agreement, and specimens of our Constitution and our Rules, Regulations & Guidance documents by clicking on the download buttons below. Please note that these documents are not available for full public viewing and are only available to our members. However if you wish to view them, you can download them but you will be prompted for an username and password. If you have applied to go on our waiting list and you have paid your initial affiliate membership fee then you will have the necessary log-in details sent to you automatically. If you want to view them in detail before you apply then please click HERE to request sight of them from our Membership Secretary.


Our (C.I.O.) OBJECTS (excerpt)


Our CONSTITUTION (specimen)

Our RULES & GOVERNANCE Document (specimen)