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 If you prefer, download the PLOT TENANCY APPLICATION Form (to the right). Print it out, fill it in and post it to the Aeron Vale Allotments Trust's Treasurer and/or the Membership Secretary. The Mem. Sec. will then put you on our waiting list. He/ she may contact you for a brief interview beforehand. Thank you for your interest.

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The Aeron Vale Allotments Trust is also referred to as AVAT on this page.

By selecting "YES" below - on this application form - you are agreeing to the terms and conditions for Affiliate Membership and future Full Membership and tenancy of an allotment plot from AVAT. A copy of AVAT’s Constitution, Governance (Rules & Regulations) & Tenancy Agreement documents are available for you to view (click on the above "More Information" button.

Associate Members must pay an annual fee of £5.00 to AVAT (reviewed from time to time and reimbursed on Tenancy take-up) in order to remain on AVAT’s waiting list for an allotment plot. A bond will be required to take up a plot tenancy, but the total amount of Affiliate Membership fee received whilst you remain on the waiting list will be deducted from the bond you will have to pay.

Payment Details
Cheques/ Postal Orders should be made payable to:   Aeron Vale Allotments
Please forward payments by post to:

Aeron Vale Allotments Trust

C/o The Membership Secretary,

2 North Parade,


SA46 0JP

For On-line Personal Banking Payments:


Aeron Vale Allotments

Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 40 - 08 - 09
Account No.: 41697579
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Affiliate membership allows you:

  1. Access to all AVAT members meetings and you can take part in all discussions at such meetings, however, member voting is limited to full members who are allotment plot tenants. Voting is also restricted to one vote per plot
  2. Full members' access to our web-site.
  3. To receive copies of AVAT’s newsletters.
  4. To be included on AVAT mailing lists
  5. Access to any discounts or similar deals for allotment growers that are periodically negotiated by AVAT.



I have read the notes above and understand that by SELECTING THE "YES" BUTTON BELOW  I am requesting to be put on the Aeron Vale Allotments Trust waiting list for a vegetable growing plot and agree to the terms that have been explained to me.