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Rhiwgoch CHUTNEY


you'll need -

  • A large pan, such as a jam pan or large heavy based saucepan

  • A small square of gauze and some string

  • 8 x 1lb jars.



  1. 1.5 lb Plums

  2. 8oz Tomatoes (Red or Green)

  3. 8oz Onions

  4. 1.5 lbs Cooking Apples (after coring)

  5. 1lb Stoned Raisins

  6. 4oz Preserved Ginger (in syrup)

  7. 0.25 oz Garlic (finely chopped)

  8. 1pt Malt Vinegar

  9. 1.5 lbs Demerara Sugar

  10. 1 tbsp Salt

  11. 0.25 oz Whole Diced Chilli Peppers (optional)


  • Wash and halve the plums to remove the stones then chop plums in half again.

  • Roughly chop the tomatoes.

  • Put the plums and tomatoes in the pan.

  • Coarsely mince the onions, apples and raising (or put in food processor) and add to the pan along with the garlic, vinegar, sugar and salt.

  • Tie the chillies in the gauze and suspend the bag from the pan handle (if you want the chutney to be a bit more spicy).

  • Cook very slowly for 1.5 hours or until most of the liquid has evaporated i.e. when a groove made on the surface doesn’t fill immediately, stirring occasionally to avoid the mixture sticking to the bottom the saucepan and gently prod the gauze bag.

  • Pot the chutney whilst still hot into sterilised jars. Seal with paper discs and tight lids.

  • Store for a few months before eating.