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Apple Cheese

To serve apple cheese, simply turn out of the jar or bowl and cut into slices. Delicious when served with biscuits and butter for a tea-time treat!

 To make Damson cheese, Apricot cheese or Quince cheese, simply substitute the fruit - the method is still the same.



you'll need -

  1. Apples (Cooking or windfall)

  2. Sugar

  3. Water


  • Wash apples, wipe and cut into pieces, leaving the skin on, and the core in. Remove any bruised parts. Crab apples may be left whole if desired.

  • Place the apples into a preserving pan, add enough water to come barely level with the fruit.

  • Simmer gently until the fruit is thoroughly soft and pulpy. Remove as many pips as possible and rub the pulp through a nylon sieve.

  • Weigh the pulp, and allow 1 lb sugar to 1 lb pulp.

  • Place pulp back into the preserving pan, add the sugar and dissolve it slowly over a low heat.

  • Bring to the boil, and boil gently for about 1 - 1 ΒΌ hours, until the fruit becomes very thick.

  • Stir mixture constantly while boiling, making sure that the bottom of the pan is scraped from time to time, to prevent the cheese mixture from burning.

  • Test for setting and pot into small jars or bowls.

  • Tie down